There was a break from the cold and snow this weekend. The temperatures rose into the 50's today, and the sunshine went straight to our head. We decided it was finally time to reorganize the garage.

The mess was overwhelming. It looked like a project that should have been on a TLC program. In order to get into my van, I had to step over piles of boxes from Christmas. My recycling items blocked the doorway to the basement. Various furniture items were being houses down there - after the bedroom switch-aroo in December. I started a garage sale pile six months ago that was now blocking the deep freeze. Two strollers, a wagon, a baby swing, a bouncy seat, three lawn chairs, four coolers, two sets of golf clubs, a foam deer for target practice, softball bats, tools, a gas grill, a tailgate gas grill, a dog house, and a partridge in a pear tree covered the rest of the floor. It's a two car garage that holds one mini-van and the aforementioned items.

We were in desperate need of a garage reorganize. My husband just happened to get a new electric drill for Christmas (thanks, Dad!), and he promised he could build a new shelving unit. He made only three trips to the lumber yard, one trip to the hardware store, and one trip to a friend's house to borrow another tool to get the job finished. Oh, and all the neighbors stopped by to watch. My husband doesn't exactly have a "handy-man" reputation. The older gentlemen in our neighborhood get a kick out of his "projects." (I'm secretly glad we live next to handy people so they can come to his rescue.)

With the shelving unit finished, it was time for us to sort through the mess. This is when things began to get ugly.

"Oh, and you're so organized!"

"I don't know why you think your tools belong on the floor."

"You can't just take paint cans to the dump, $#*&@$%!"

"That used to be my grandpa's. It is not trash."

"Oh look. Your father's day present. Buried in this @#$% mess."

I am really not exaggerating here. It was very ugly for about an hour this afternoon.

However, I am happy to report peace and organization triumphed on the home front. The shelving unit is spectacular. I can once again see the garage floor and get to my van without tripping over boxes. My husband and I exchanged apologies, and a few good laughs. After all, it is Sunday.


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