Monday, September 28, 2009

Some spider!

I would like to introduce you to Emily Elizabeth. Not one of the impecably cute kids, but the large garden spider looming over their heads. See her? If not, look here.

Salutations! This is Emily Elizabeth. The friendly garden spider who has spun an amazing home just above the front door of our neighbor's house.

Emily Elizabeth has provided weeks of fascinating lessons about nature. Up close and personal. With the help of the neighborhood dads, we toss crickets and grasshoppers to her each night and watch her "wrap them up and suck their blood." Gross, yes. But absolutely fascinating.

Emily Elizabeth's days are numbered. She has laid her egg sack. Again, amazing. Her masterpiece is complete. Thanks, Emily Elizabeth, for the lessons you taught our children.

Monday, September 21, 2009

For your own good

On Sunday, President Obama said a $3,800 tax isn't really a tax.

Interesting. I thought I might give this approach to reasoning a try...

"Time to get dressed" has been scrapped for "an opportunity to clothe yourself using your own creative approach to fashion."

"Nap time" is now "a restful period for your weary legs."

"Time out" will be substituted with "a retreat to a corner free of talking and distractions."

A "swat with the ruler" will become "a physical reminder that we must listen to instructions."

And finally, "bath time" will now be coined "purification."

...all in the name of "because it's for your own good."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Noah Grace,

Congratulations on your first day of preschool! Though it may not be a day you'll always remember, it is etched in my heart.

You have been entrusted to me for almost four years now, but today, I let a little piece of you go.

I see within you the yearning for knowledge and understanding about the world around you. How excited I am for you that you may now more fully begin to explore language, arts, sciences and music.

You are a treasure to our family - a blessing. We love your zest for life, your compassion for your family and friends, your colorful imagination.

We do not tell you enough how much we love you. I pray this first step in letting go will remind us to be more outwardly grateful of our special little girl.

Love you always & forever,