Sneaky Sarah

Besides dealing with sick babies this weekend, I wanted to give you and update on the "Deceptively Delicious" recipes...

- My husband has enjoyed the meals so far. In fact, he said the extra fiber and veggies have "kept things runny very smoothly" for him.

- For lunch on Friday, I made chicken nuggets. The chicken was coated in sweet potatoes and then rolled in bread crumbs mixed with flax seed meal. Everyone except my pickiest eater enjoyed them. (He is just so picky that the ONLY fruit he will eat is apple slices with the peel removed.)

-One of the boys asked to have the chicken burritos for lunch again on Friday! He said, "Sarah, you can fix those for me every day!" Mission accomplished.

-I tried the rice krispie treat recipe. It called for brown rice cereal and added flax seed meal. I had to cut off my pickiest eater at three cookies.

-This week's meal plans call for pizza (with red peppers and mushrooms), macaroni and cheese (with butternut squash), chicken noodle soup (with cauliflower and sweet potato), burgers (with mushrooms and carrots), and chocolate chip cookies (with chickpeas).

- This is so much fun - it's almost like being Santa every day at lunch time!


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