Back to reality

Reality struck today as the daycare crew came back. I just had three, so it was a nice way to ease into the week. Everyone was well behaved and quiet. It was fantastic.

Oh wait. I forgot one thing. My affectionately called "mutton buster," sledded down the stairs in a cardboard box and crashed into my husband's brand, new old-fashioned popcorn popper cracking the dome lid. ( Why? Why the? What am I going to tell Brent? What am I going to tell him? He's going to beat this kid - or me.)

The popcorn popper is just fine. Brent and Noah made a batch this evening while they watched a "fuball game." As for the mutton buster, he's already got quite a rap sheet. What's one more violation?

I fed the kids the spaghetti sauce with hidden red bell pepper today - everyone had two servings. I tried a recipe for a fruit dip for snacks. Noah loved the dip, but the two boys just ate their apples. I guess I can't complain - they were eating apples for a snack. That's better than our usual bag of cheesy crackers. Tomorrow we're having chicken & cheese burritos (with carrots and butternut squash).

My husband's smile now has two front teeth. The dentist got him in first thing this morning. It's a good thing. I couldn't even look at him without laughing.

Okay...gotta get this posted before my husband sees his pic on the www.


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