Life with my toddler

This picture is what it means to be the mother of a toddler. And this is what life is like every day with my toddler. There is at least one very dramatic, tearful burst of emotion each day. The expression can be brought on by a variety of factors...

This particular one began when I asked Noah to sit next to her brother so I could take her picture. We had just finished carving our pumpkin on a beautiful fall afternoon. Obviously, Noah didn't want to sit down. She's really not much for sitting, in general.

Other emotional moments come when we are negotiating her reward for going potty. I suggest a small treat, such as a a few M&M's or a mini Tootsie Roll. She wants an entire candy cane. I try to reach a compromise and give her half of a peppermint candy. She chucks it across the kitchen floor and a full blown fit unfolds.

There are the outbursts that follow being asked to pick up her toys. Again, she defiantly hurls a block or a counting bear across the living room, screams, "No!", kicks her baby doll and runs.

And there are the battles of staying in her car seat, getting off the kitchen table, opening the front door when it is snowing and blowing, and negotiating pink, green or purple socks. All of which result in something similar to the picture above.

Reasonable discussions with a toddler a fruitless. Yelling at her makes the bad moment worse. Time out can be effective, after the third try.

My mother, quite wisely, said, "Remember, Sarah, you are the parent."

Right. I forget that sometimes.


Sarah said…
I can totally relate...although some days are definitely better than others:)

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