Lena's Legacy

I never really got to know Lena. She passed away this morning - leaving behind quite a legacy.

Lena is my husband's grandmother. Ever since I have been a part of his life, she has been in a nursing home. Frail, confused, drifting between this world and what's beyond.

Though my moments with her were short, her memory is in my kitchen oh so often. Lena's legacy was her cooking. Her fried potatoes, her meatballs, her recipes rich with lard and brown sugar. My how I have tried - and tried again - to win my husband's heart by recreating her recipes. I came close once with the baked beans. The meatballs are good, but not good enough. The fried potatoes couldn't be further from the original. As for the food, his heart remains with Lena.

Lena, as you watch us from above, keep a close on my kitchen. If you should see me flip through my recipe book for one of your recipes, please send a little brown sugar and lard blessing my way. May you live in peace forever knowing your food was a little piece of heaven on earth...


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