I, like many Americans this evening, have been absorbed by the political happenings in the state of Florida. First, let me express my jealousy for the sweat pouring from the brows of the politicians and journalists. It was another blizzard like day in Kansas. The mere sight of citrus groves and ocean views makes me seethe with anger.

Tomorrow, my presidential hopeful, Rudy Guiliani, will give his endorsement of John McCain. While I will forego the commentary on issues, I would like to offer this passing thought.

In all the noise of this upcoming election, I think it would be quite American of each of us, to step back for a moment and see what's really happening. Republican or Democrat, there is a field of candidates out there right now vying to be our next president. There are debating to the left and to the right of every issue, and they all spend a whole lot of time wandering somewhere in the middle. But right or wrong, they each believe they have the answers to make this country better and stronger than it already is. Isn't there just a little part of you that is inspired by that?

Can you look beyond their red or blue flag and see a person who has committed themselves to serving their country? Are you not in the least inspired by the process? This purely American, purely democratic, "from the people" method of electing leadership for our country.

I know I certainly don't have what it takes to run a presidential campaign. But you can be certain I wouldn't miss my opportunity, my right, to vote.


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