I had dinner plans Friday night - a big group of girls and pizza and beer. Should have been a great time, right? Chatting with the girls, yakking about our babies, and relaxing a bit with a drink. I headed out and left my husband behind with two sick babies. My mind - however - really never left home that night.

Caring for a sick baby is exhausting. Absolutely exhausting. Forget what needs to be done for the day. Forget your own personal health and hygiene. Your kids take everything you've got when they are sick.

But I'm not complaining. I am not looking for sympathy; nor was I happy to be leaving my sick babies behind Friday night. I am just spelling out the truth - tending for ill children leaves you physically and mentally drained.

Somewhere in all the kleenexes, dirty laundry, tears and tantrums and hacking coughs...are my best mommy moments. God put my in the middle of that mess - with these two children - on purpose. He intended for me to care for them at their worst just as much as he intended for me to be there at their best. It's all part of his perfect plan.


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