It seems my daughter has a bit of a "red and itchy bottom" situation. (Someday, she's going to hate me for this, among other things.) I spent a solid 30 minutes last night at two different stores searching for the right medicated cream to address the issue.

Thankfully, I have never been bothered with a "red and itchy bottom" situation. The unfortunate side of this, however, is that I am in no way familiar with all of the over-the-counter products to curtail these issues.

There are one-day treatments, three-day treatments; seven-day treatments; creams, suppositories, reusable and non-reusable applicators, and powders. It was overwhelming. I stood bewildered at each store for at least ten minutes before I could begin to focus on what I was trying to find.

Our doctor had told me that any over-the-counter product will do; what he failed to tell me was that there were three million over-the-counter products to choose from.

After a call to my husband and another phone call to our doctor (thank goodness he's a family friend), I finally left with the right cream. (And a powder for good measure.)

I called my husband on my way home and said, "Hey honey, I found what we needed. And I picked up some condoms, pregnancy tests, and lubricating gel as well. They were all within arm's reach."

He hung up the phone, put the kids to bed, and waited giddily for me at the front door.


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