Tucker is days away from crawling. The first time around, with Noah, this brought about much anxiety. What will she get into? Where will she bump her head? Will she tumble down the stairs? Will she eat my magazines and chew on my photo albums? What if she opens the drawers in the kitchen? This time, however, I am just happy to watch Tucker's curiosity unfold before my eyes.

Instead of panicking about my possessions, I am eager to see what will grab his attention. My magazines, photo albums, kitchen drawers and closets will all survive. And all that touching, chewing, and mild destruction will yield for Tucker a better understanding of his surroundings, a better sense of touch, a stronger grasp of consequences (if I pull this, the drawer will open...oohhh...this is way better than toys).

Besides, with one toddler, four preschoolers, and two babies on the loose, would I even really notice if a few extra things were out of place? My house is in a constant state of chaos - how much harm can he really do?

On a separate note, I was happy with the outcome of last night's Superbowl. Either way, I think the game would have ended in a good story. The Patriots make history with an undefeated season; or the Giants and Eli Manning write a Cinderella story. But I was so happy to see the little brother finally get some deserved recognition.

In my family's birth order, I am the big sister. One of the simple joys of being the big sister, is watching your younger siblings reach their own milestones and achieve their own success. I suppose it's like an early taste of motherhood - that sweet, shared joy; that pride.

That final drive where Eli led his team down the field - with big brother Payton watching from the stands - was a beautiful moment. Sure it meant a Superbowl ring, a Cadillac Escalade, and going down as a football legend. But for two brothers, it was so much more than that.


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