One of these days...

It was one of those days, you know. I'm sure everybody has days like this...

My daughter came crawling into bed around 6ish. I had a terrible night's sleep. My body is still punishing me for Friday night's activities. And the baby was up by 6:30.

I decided my hair needed to be washed - I was going on four days - so I headed to the shower. Husband (still half asleep) and kids watched cartoons. Yes - that's how we start our day. Cartoons. Deal with it.

And after those five minutes of peace in the shower, things just went downhill.

Noah smeared the bathroom counter and her own cheeks with my moisturizer.

I measured incorrectly when making the kids Malt-O-Meal for breakfast.

We were out of yogurt. (This is quite important to my body after two pregnancies - things just work better with yogurt, if you know what I mean.)

It was cold and gray outside - again. This has been the longest winter I can ever remember.

The babies soon grew tired and cranky. They now notice when I hold the other - and they let me know about it.

Once the babies were asleep, things began to look better. I put the kids to work. Err...I mean I led the children in a sorting activity. We sorted cans for the recycling center. (Suddenly the can box was overflowing. I again reference Friday night's activities.)

And just like that, it got worse again.

I answered the question, "What's for lunch?" like thirty-seven times.

One of the kids set in with tears and "I miss my mommy."

I tried to (calmly) explain to Noah that you can sing without yelling.

Then I got a phone call that my signature was needed at the bank before noon. Hallelujah! I'm outta here!

I got lunch ready, fed the babies, and rushed downtown. (My husband was home. Don't worry. I didn't leave the four-year-olds to run the show.)

My five minute signature turned into a twenty minute conversation. What did you expect?

Then, back to fun house. The minute I walked in the door, the babies started fussing.

It quickly became nap time for everyone. I laid down the babies, got Noah to her bed, and put on a movie for the rest of the kids.

No sooner than I could make a glass of tea, read my favorite mommy blogs and pay a few bills, Tucker was up. So much for my to-do list.

From here, the afternoon went quickly. Play with the baby. Make a snack. Tie four pair of shoes, zip coats and track down hats, and send the kiddos home. I missed Oprah, but I finished washing the dishes. Fair trade?

The best part of the day - besides the trip to the bank - the neighbors delivered a batch of homemade enchiladas we had ordered. Supper was ready!

"These" days seem to happen often lately. Whether they were brought on by baby number two, or the onslaught of daycare kids that enter my house every morning, I don't know. What I do know, is this...

...if I could relinquish the anxiety over my to-do list everyday, I could enjoy my kids (and the other kids) so much more.

And if there was a way I could accept wiping snotty noses, doing a load of laundry, and paying two bills as a satisfactory day's work, I'm sure I could kick this whole negative thing.

It's that balance that I am after - that time for self and time to give and care for others that I can't quite figure out. Maybe one of "these" days the answer will come...


Anonymous said…
The answer is coming sista'!!! It is called sunlight and warm weather. Soon you will be steppin to the happy tune of birds chirping and kids laughing. We all need the warm sun. Feb. was a killer! Spring will set you free:)

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