Ten years and ten thousand questions

It hit me like a ton of bricks while lying in bed Sunday morning - this year is my ten year reunion.

I know that my beloved "ho-do" friends are laughing right now. I just so happen to be the youngest "ho-do." I often remind them of the year I started kindergarten, while they reminisce about high school days.

But in all seriousness, this revelation brought about some questions that just may require therapy.

Of course, my mind first began to question my physique. I use that word as if I'm the athlete I dream about being, when the truth is I had my second baby eight months ago and my first baby only nineteen months prior to that. My physique has had a rough couple years.

My weight is not so different that it was ten years ago. But the way those pounds are arranged on my body, is vastly different.

I feel like, and look like, a "momma cow." (I'm a farm girl - in case you didn't know. And making my body analogous to that of a cow's body seems only natural to me. It's what I know.)

You all know what a heifer, is, right? A young, female cow. Well, ten years ago, I was a heifer. I had muscle definition, carried plenty of lean muscle and was quite feminine.

Today, my hips have protruded, my lean muscle has disappeared, and my utter is sagging. I am just an old momma cow. I graze all day long while the baby calves run wildly through the pasture coming to me only when they need something to eat.

Go ahead and laugh, but that pretty much describes every day around here!

Beyond the obvious doubts about my appearance, and the more pertinent questions about my life.

Did I do what I set out to do ten years ago?

Am I living a life that I dreamed about?

Did I think I would have two children, a husband, and a small town life in only ten years?

Can the eighteen-year-old me relate to the twenty-eight-year-old me?

I fully intend to answer those questions, but right now, my twenty-eight-year-old body needs to get some rest. Stay tuned for more from momma cow...


Shalene said…
That was funny. Especially since tomorrow is my 34th birthday, and I am very much feeling like a Momma Cow. I have been pregnant 7 times since I turned 18, with 4 of them being live births. I was a lean mean "model material" type of machine. Now I'm just your average 30ish mother. But you know what? Though I could look better- and I'm working on it- I wouldn't trade what I have now for the best looking body in the world. Know what I mean? Of course you do. Blessings to you!

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