I do it, momma!

After six months of dedicated trips to the bathroom, about 200 stickers, and 400 pieces of candy, we have reached success with potty training. That moment we've been waiting for - Noah's ability to pause from her activities and recognize the need to run to the potty chair - has finally begun to happen on a regular basis. Oh sure, we still have some accidents. But 90% of the time, she can actually stop coloring, running, building, and playing to hustle up to the bathroom.

She has, in fact, asserted a new level of independence at the same time.

"Go check Tucker, Momma. Shut the door," she tells with her finger pointed towards the door.

"You're going to do it all by yourself?" I ask.

"I do it, Momma."

"Okay, then," I say as I turn around and shut the door for my (bossy) two year old.

A few moments later, she returns to the hallway, pants around her ankles, announcing, "I did it."

Wiping, pulling up her own pants, and washing her hands are tasks we have yet to master.

But, what the heck? I'll take a half-clothed, two-year-old bottom over a two-year-old bottom in diapers any day. Seriously, her digestive system deserves the toilet. No diaper should have to suffer the punishment of her intestines.

Six months ago, I seriously wondered if this day would ever come. I thought I would be battling my toddler to sit still for one minute to potty until they came and took her to kindergarten. I thought I was the only idiot who couldn't figure out how to potty train their child.

Ahhh...such foolish thoughts. My mother, in all her wisdom, said, "Noah will potty on her own time."

Seriously. How does she know these things? How can she be so right all of the time? Gheez!

So, I guess Noah can go to kindergarten wearing big girl panties. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on how we have progressed at wiping, pulling up pants and washing hands.


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