One fishy Friday night....

Has it been four days since I posted something already? Well, let me explain.

My husband planned a fish fry for Friday night. It's a little something he likes to do during Lent. Guess it makes the absence of red meat in his diet easier to swallow.

So, I spent my "nap time" on Thursday and Friday cleaning my house. I usually clean my house on those days. I rush around during nap time to Clorox counter tops and scrub the floors. That way, I can just enjoy my house and my own kids on the weekend. No extra kids and no messes. I love my quiet weekends in a clean house. What can I say? It doesn't take much to make me happy.

But I worked extra hard last week since we were having company. All that clutter had to be put away (hidden behind the closed door to my bedroom).

And to be completely honest, by about 3:00pm on Friday afternoon, I was in no mood for a fish fry. It had been a long week with the kids. I was finally getting over being sick. I just wanted some peace and quiet...

But I put on my happy face. Dug deep in the bathroom drawer for my mascara and lip gloss. Traded in my sweats for a pair of jeans. And my husband walked in the door with a bottle of wine. Cheap wine. But wine, nonetheless.

I poured a glass and my outlook was approaching sunny side up...

Our guests arrived. My husband and his cronies fried the rest of last season's catch in the garage, minimizing the fishiness of my kitchen. Thank you, dear. The ladies and I chatted away in the kitchen. My two-year-old and her two-year-old friend, played together nicely, for the most part. And, the baby was asleep by 9:00pm.

For some reason, the night still felt young. There was plenty of wine left in my bottle. So I filled up.

Noah was exhausted by 10:00pm, and easily fell asleep.

I filled up again. I paused somewhere for a glass of water. Then quickly poured the last of the wine into my glass.

By now, things were getting a little silly. The volume began to rise as our conversations turned to politics, marriage and college days. Topics which - when liquor is involved - give way to secrets revealed and guarded opinions exposed.

Soon we were dancing and playing music. Why does this always happen?

The night was young, based on the standards I used ten years ago. According to the standards I now use as a mother, I was looking at about three hours of sleep before my kids would be awake. And I don't function well on anything less than seven.

But it was like the night was meant to be...

Noah awoke briefly somewhere in the 5:00 am hour, but fell back to sleep. Tucker wanted a bottle at 6:45, and then he went back to sleep.

They slept until 9:30. Let me say that again. They slept until 9:30. Never in the history of this household have children slept until 9:30.

The night was meant to be.

I must admit, shamefully, that even getting out of bed at 9:30 am wasn't quite what my body had in mind. It took a piece of dry toast, two hours of laying on the couch, a hot shower and a bottle of Ginger ale before my body was ready to get up.

I am somewhat out of practice when it comes to drinking an entire bottle of wine (did I mention that Tequila shot?) and staying up until 3:00 am. Several years out of practice.

So there you have it. That's the reason I am four days behind on my blogging. Because my husband wanted to have a fish fry.

Somehow, I knew it was his fault!


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