I have composed a list of a few things that most mothers can relate to...

1. Stepping over toys. I don't mean stepping over a toy just one time on the way to the kitchen, I mean stepping over the same toy sixty-two times in the course of one day hoping that it will walk itself back to the toy box.

2. Watching babies sleep. And checking them frequently while sleeping. It is so beautiful to watch a baby sleep peacefully. Or maybe it is just the recent memory of the crying and whining. Whatever it is, I love to watch my babies sleeping.

3. Walking slowly down the aisles of the grocery store. With the kids at home with daddy, sometimes I like to browse the aisles of the grocery store. I especially like to linger in the baking products section, dreaming of having hours on end to spend making bread and cookies and muffins and pies. Or maybe it's just because the mall is 35 miles away, and the grocery store suffices my craving to shop.

4. Speaking of the grocery store. I love the trip to the market where I spend a significant amount of money on food, put it all away, and then stare blankly into the pantry wondering what I'm going to fix for supper.

5. Staring. At my own face. Wondering where the heck did that line come from?

6. Staring. At my hair. Wondering has it always been this dull and drabby?

7. Staring. At my closet. Waiting for something hot and fashionable to jump out my closet.

8. Staring. At the last chocolate chip cookie. Knowing I should save it for my daughter, and eating it anyway.

9. Longing for a day out. And then after about an hour away, feeling my heart tug me back home again.

10. Sleeping through the night. Or at least until about midnight when I have to go to the bathroom. And then I better check the baby. And while I'm up, I might as well check my daughter. Oh, and I should just make a bottle now so I don't have to do it in three hours when the baby wakes up. Okay, back to bed. I just hope I can fall asleep now. Oh...do I have to pee again?

Good night...


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