Lest we not forget that Ash Wednesday followed Super Tuesday. In all the buzz about last night's elections, even I forgot about the Holy Day to follow. I walked out of the door tonight on my way to mass, with two children crying at my feet. Daddy - cheerfully - put them in the bathtub and sent them off to peaceful sleep.

I sat in the back at church - surrounded by all the other parents with fussy, crying, kicking, and giggling babies and toddlers. What would people think if I sat in the front row? This time, however, I could drown out those baby noises and focus on what Father had to say.

"Return," he said. "Return to the Lord."

Yes, I need to return. It seems I have been absent for awhile. I have certainly not been present at church. I have been there - in the pew. But my mind was spinning on how to keep my kids quiet so the lady in front of me doesn't give me the "eye." My bedside devotions involve my eyes closed and my head resting on the pillow.

I used to have an accountability group, affectionately called WOF. (Women of Faith) Five terrificly talented and spiritual gals who gathered on Sunday evenings for a dose of faith. But that was in college. We could slam a beer on Saturday night and read from the gospel less than 24 hours later. It was a beautiful thing.

I digress...return. Yes, return to the Lord. My Lenten focus shall be just that - turning myself to see the Lord in my daily life once again. To see more clearly the love surrounding me; to sift through the clutter to reclaim my purpose; to understand that higher calling.

Return, yes, return.


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