Go cats!

Keepin' it brief tonight. The cats are on TV taking on the Huskers. Here's a picture from our adventure to Bramlage Coliseum a couple weeks ago. We took the kiddos and took in a basketball game. Popcorn, pop, seats on the fourth row - it was excellent.

Thanks to my friend, Jackie, for sending me the pics she took during the game.

I do have to say, however, that the outing was slightly tarnished thanks to the lady sitting directly behind us. This lady - whom I will now refer to as "coach," - drove me crazy! She called each one of the players by their first name. Shouted out plays. Touted the referees. And basically didn't stop yelling the entire game.

Do you think she noticed how my eight month old son shuddered when she yelled in his year? Nope.

My husband pointed out to me her best line of the night.

"Coach" seemed to have a real thing for, "Billy." Or, as the majority of the Wildcat faithful like to call him, Bill Walker. Walker (most sport fans call players by their last name) just happens to be one of the best rookies in the entire country. As Walker was driving, she hollared, "Billy, go to your left."

And my husband replied (to me on the way home), "Don't you think if the best rookie in the country wants to use his left hand, he'll use his left hand?"

That's right Coach. Let's let Billy play basketball.

Go cats!


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