Am grumpy. Have keyboard. Will publish.

I have been having a few grumpy days. It could all be related to this, but that would be such a typical excuse. I know I can come up with a much better reason.

Like Noah ate my yogurt this morning. Yes, I am the parent in this situation. But it was my yogurt, and it is my digestive system that so desperately needs jump started every morning. Because when mommy's day starts with a high fiber supplement, whole grain cereal, yogurt and coffee, the day is just that much better.

Or, how about it's been raining for four days? It started raining Sunday night, and with the exception of the sunshine we saw for five minutes today, it hasn't stopped raining. Oh, we love the rain. Rain for the crops means happy farmers and happy families. But I would like a few of those farmers to spend four days in my house with seven children under the age of five. Let's just see what they think of the rain then, huh?

And hunting season makes me grumpy. Turkey season began on Wednesday. My husband took the entire day off work to go hunting. That is how he chose to celebrate his birthday. When it's my birthday, I am going to take the entire day off work and devote myself to an expensive, elaborate hobby...such as shopping.

Too add to the list - crying babies, dirty dishes, clutter, leftovers, cold coffee, an unmade bed, and mismatched socks all make me grumpy. And that's just what is happening within my own four walls.

I am trying - and praying - to get out of town sans kids for one night this weekend. Provided we all stay healthy for the next 24 hours, the trip is a go. At this point, I don't even care about all the things to do in the big city. I just want one night of uninterrupted sleep in a hotel room. That outta cure "grumpy" for a least a couple more weeks.


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