Flowers blooming underfoot

Lately, it seems I have been a bit consumed with the "big world that's out there." And while I have been getting my fix on economics and rural policy, it seems my kids have been doing some pretty amazing things. Tonight, I turn my focus to my home front.

When Noah, my defiant two-year-old, isn't having a complete melt-down because I said, "No more candy, today," she is practicing her new "pedaling" skills on her new trike. Can't you just see the look of determination in her face? Wednesday, she pedaled from the garage to the street. On the return trip, she crashed into the wall. Next week, we will be working on how to turn.

And if she isn't cruising on her pink and purple trike, she is singing. Singing her ABC's, all the nursery rhymes she can remember, and songs about Grandma and cow poop. (We have her Uncle N. to thank for the very educational lesson about cow poop.)

Noah will certainly be our tom-boy, yet this week she revealed her inner diva. When Daddy asked her if she'd like to go look for turkeys, she replied, "No, I'm going with momma to get my haircut." Precious. Furthermore, as she put on her Pull-Up at nap time the other day, she said, "Look, Daddy, Cinderella has pretty earrings," referencing the picture of Cinderella on the front of the Pull-Up. So sweet.

Tucker - in a matter of a few days this week - became a little boy. He has figured out how to throw a ball. (Notice I do not have a picture of this. He is my second child.) As soon as he throws the ball, he claps in approval of his efforts. It's splendid. He even pats the ball, much like a quarterback does when he's in the pocket looking for an open receiver. (Wow, that sounded good. Maybe I should write for ESPN.)

Although, if he's going to make quarterback, he is going to have to slim down and stretch out. Based on his build right now, I'd say he would make a great lineman.

His favorite foods are fruits, vegetables, sausages and hot dogs. (This may be contributing to his lineman stature.) Hey, the kid has to pay for his college education somehow!

While certainly more sensitive and reserved than his big sister, I have no doubts he will be a rough, tough and dirty little boy. Isn't that the way they are supposed to be?

Yes, my job and my life are these kids and my home. But it always refreshes me to take some time to grasp the big world that's out there. Just like a working mom, I, too, have to strike that balance between adult world and mommy world. Otherwise, my husband would have me committed.


Amy said…
thanks for visiting my blog. sounds like you've got your hands full, lol. somehow you seem to get a lot accomplished despite the 4 baby feet under yours all of the time. and like you, even with only one i feel ready to pull my hair out sometimes. it's funny, mothers across America know nothing of one another, but can still feel each other's pain acutely because it is, indeed, their own. take care!

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