No news is good news

It was a slow news day. I read a few other "mommy blogs," and read some sad, sad stories about problems much worse than Tucker's fifth ear infection. I heard really great news about some friends who, after years of trying to have another child, are bringing home an adopted child today. It was a slow news day at our house.

And I think that's just fine.

Tomorrow, is my husband's 30th birthday. I have offered to make his favorite breakfast. I have offered to make his favorite supper. He insists on spending the entire day turkey hunting. (I think we forgot to go over this during marriage prep some five years ago.)

Also, he is taking his turn at writing about the skyrocketing grain prices. I've included his latest article for the newspaper below. I'm sure he won't mind a little free press.

Searching for Gold

Ellsworth producers are searching for gold this summer. Are they all going to win the lottery? Are they going to inherit a large sum of money? Are they mining the mountains searching for the next big find? No. Ellsworth producers are growing wheat. Wheat, a very common crop in the county, could benefit producers this summer.

Today, the price of wheat is around $9.00 per bushel. The average price for Kansas wheat over the last 7 years has been $3.79. That's a significant increase.

The Ellsworth county producer has had some difficult harvests over the last several years due to dry conditions and late season freezes. The Ellsworth county average production has been 39 bushels per acre over the last 7 years. With the current prices, producers could double their profits with current grain prices. Due to higher input costs, such as fertilizer, machinery, fuel, and other operating costs, it is a good thing the price of wheat has jumped significantly.

Wet conditions during winter and early spring have the Ellsworth county producer favored with some pretty decent odds of raising a great crop. However, in a blink of an eye the odds can turn against the farmer and force them into a negative situation. Let's hope for favorable environmental conditions over the next sixty days to benefit our local producer.

Underneath every rainbow is a pot of gold - Ellsworth county has thousands of acres covered with green gold that might benefit the local economy more than you'll ever realize.


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