Can you turn that into a personal mission statement?

It has been a rather quiet week around our house. As quiet as things can be for a house with two small children and a handful of daycare kids. Oh sure, we have had our share of interesting things happening. Today, one of the daycare kids knocked four of his bottom teeth loose during a lunge for the couch. I found nine dollars in a coat pocket. And, I finally finished some adorable summer dresses for Noah and her cousins. None of these, however, make for exceptional blog material.

My sister, on the other hand, should be writing a blog this week. Her "much more exciting than a SAHM" life in Washington D.C., got her an up close look at the Pope from the White House lawn and a new job as a legislative aide for a US Congressman.

While she was shaking hands with people in power, I was wiping noses and doing the dishes.

Am I jealous? Nah. Just glad I have someone to talk to who does things that are interesting and worldly.

Or, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Because if I keep wishing I was somewhere else, I am going to miss the beautiful things happening in front of me.

There are times in life when you feel purposeful and passionate and that you're living the life your were called to live. And then there are those times where you find yourself wondering what the heck is your purpose.

And as a mother, you seem to suspend all those questions for the sake of your children. For right or wrong, your answers to life's questions are not going to come when the baby needs a bottle and your toddler is washing the bathtub with toothpaste.

I - and I'm sure many of you, too - have so many questions. But I have to make myself live in the here and now. For in the here are now are two precious sleeping babies, two growing little bodies and minds, two lives entrusted to me. Someday, somehow, I will answer those questions. Just not yet, I have laundry to fold.


pb&j in a bowl said…
This is a great post. It is so hard to live in the here and now, but vitally important. You are the most important person in your childrens' lives, and knowing that is the best feeling in the world.

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