You now owe $400,000

Did you know that in addition to your own mortgage and consumer debts, your household also owes the government an additional $400,000 just to cover our nation's debt? This is fascinating information - and information that is certainly worth your fifteen minutes.

If you are banking on social security and medicare to pay your bills beyond retirement, especially if you are a member of my "thirty-ish" generation, think again.

These two programs alone are bankrupting our government. And there is simply not enough revenue - in the form of federal taxes - to continue to fund these programs at their current level. (Unless you can convince your parents (the babyboomers) to keep working until they are about 90.)

Imagine this - by 2040 there will just be enough federal funds to pay for these two programs. That would mean no schools, no highways, no farm programs, no national defense. Just think about that for a minute.

Please, please take the time to view these videos. Our nation needs you to know right from wrong.


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