So I took a picture of Tucker throwing the ball this weekend. And while I am certainly not a photographer, I did happen to capture the ball suspended in mid-air. Amazing, huh?

We were out of town all weekend for Brent's niece's first communion. Everything we took with us is still in a huge pile at the front door. Before I get too distracted to put away my mess before Monday morning comes, I just want to give a shout out to Brent's niece and her family.

His niece, upon the encouragement of her mother and grandmother, wore the dress her mother wore for her first communion many years ago. The dress was beautiful, yet dated. And while his niece certainly could have insisted on a brand new dress like all the other girls, she chose to honor her family and wear that very special dress.

At eight years old she may not fully understand what a courageous thing she did, but I sure hope she knows just how proud everyone was of her today.


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