How do you remove gasoline from clothes?

Noah, while searching for daddy's hidden stash of peanuts in the garage, encountered a small gasoline can. The can was full of gasoline intended for the lawnmower, of course. Noah, however, watered the garage with $3.26 per gallon fuel!

Now I have a stinky garage and some very stinky toddler clothes. And now I am looking for the best method to remove the stench of gasoline from clothing. Have suggestions?

(Please reserve your comments on my parental judgment. We all have let our children encounter dangerous substances from time to time, right?)

Email me or leave your comments. I will give away $10.00 worth of laundry detergent (your choice) for the most effective method!


Anonymous said…
i think you should just throw the clothes away...$10 will buy a new toddler outfit at Target
Anonymous said…
well, this happened to me not too long ago... i used vinegar and it took the smell right out... really all you have to do it put it in the washer with your detergent

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