We had a happy - yet chilly - Easter weekend. Here's the holiday in review...

Soon after we arrived, Noah began to decorate cookies. The onslaught of sugar had only just begun.

After checking cows with Grandpa and Daddy Saturday morning, we went into town for the community Easter Egg Hunt. Noah, and her cousin Henry, fared well. Henry, however, preferred the acorns and grass to the chocolates and treats.

Aunt Mary helped Noah dye Easter eggs - and Grandma's kitchen table as well as Noah's hands. That stuff actually comes off in the bathtub, but I can't say the same for the kitchen table.

The Easter Bunny found us at the farm. Tucker was the first to find an egg - 'atta boy!

Shortly after this picture, we all began to understand why two year old's should not have candy for breakfast.

Sure, they look cute now, but you should have seen them forty-five minutes into Mass. Cute clothes don't do anything for tired, sugar loaded babies.

I hope you all had a very special Easter!

By the way, I am looking for any charity wanting to accept oodles of chocolates and candy. I am in the spirit of giving (and maintaining my current pants size.)


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