Out with the old...

We installed new flooring in our kitchen this weekend. I say "we" as if I had something to do with the installation process. My role was to say, "I like this one," while shopping at the home improvement store, and to fork over the credit card to the cashier. Other than that, I really wasn't involved with the installation. I kept the kids out of the way while Brent and his buddy John provided the labor.

Here's a look at the old flooring...a mix of vinyl and carpet. The carpet was certainly not well suited for kids. (Case in point.)

I took this picture as we were nearing completion. I only lost my kitchen for 48 hours in this process - and I'm certainly not complaining. Do you see how pretty that floor looks?

And this is a completed view. Isn't it lovely!

Save for a few finishing touches, the job is complete. I will be making John an extra large batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies tomorrow to thank him for his time. I sure hope I don't make a mess of my new floor.

And, I just can't go without saying that the job was slowed a bit because we celebrated my husband's thirtieth birthday on Friday night. His buddies and I threw a surprise party, and we needed nearly all Saturday morning to recover. I would show you the pictures - they are hilarious - but I think my husband would rather keep his professional career.


Jackie said…
I really think for those of us who celebrated or 30th birthday long ago...that pictures of Brent are well deserved!

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