Just let it go...

I have spent the last twelve hours trying to teach myself HTML in order to get this new header to center properly on my page. I come to the conclusion that learning HTML would be like to trying to learn Arabic in twelve hours. They read right to left. I read left to right. Really, we just don't see eye to eye.

So, I had to let go of the dots on my background. This was sad. I liked those dots - thought they gave my site a more contemporary image. (Which is something I needed considering my life and my stories are more of the country, crafty style.)

Hey now - it's not that I don't like my country, crafty life. I am just saying that you don't have to dress the part. Even if you live near a barn, that doesn't mean your image has to reflect the fact you just stepped out of a dirty, dusty barn.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look and the new header. Thanks to my friend, Dixie, and her team at Graphic Arts of Topeka, for the snazzy header. Don't you think she did a great job?


Sarah said…
I am glad I am not the only one who is HTML-impaired! I have tried everything, trying to center my picture in my header, to no avail. Oh well, it kind of lends to the aura of my blog theme.....it's a crazy world!
P.S. Your blog header is adorable.

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