I am not sure how March 17th got here so quickly. It's not that I am unprepared to celebrate St. Patrick's day. No, I will leave that to the spring breakers. What I am saying is that I feel like it is still about February 28. I am simply not prepared for today.

These cold and dreary days have stolen my optimism.

Being sick and dealing with sick kids has left me exhausted.

My mood has been anything but "springy."

If the tulips don't start blooming soon, I am going to stake fake flowers in my garden, roll out some astro-turf across my yard, organize a game of baseball and declare spring has sprung.

I could go on and give you the update on how we've all been doing...how Noah was just starting to feel better and then ran a fever all weekend, or how Tucker is on his fourth ear infection, or that it snowed again on Sunday...but that would just be depressing.

Instead, I will give you the good news from the weekend. We did make it to an Easter Egg hunt (before the fever started). And while we had to wear winter coats, the kids had a great time.
(I guess it doesn't look like they are having fun...but you try getting them to look at the camera and smile at the same time!)

And, yes, I know, it all could be worse. Ear infections and a 24 hour stay in the hospital is nothing compared to what mom's of terminally sick babies have to endure. But we all need to air out our complaints every now and then - and this is my blog - so I guess you'll just have to deal with it.

Come back tomorrow - there's a chance for sunshine.


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