There aren't many days where I feel like I need "the heck outta Dodge," but today was one of them. Honestly, I love my kids. I love being with them every day. But the moment when they are both crying at my ankles - for like the eighty-fifth time - just sets me over the edge.

I went to the grocery store when my husband got home from work. (Because there's really nowhere else to go after 5:00 in a small town.) I picked up some milk (and some chocolate syrup), some breakfast sausage links (they were on sale), and I found a friend near the coolers and we stopped to talk (vent about our days and our children.)

She had the same look in her eyes that I had in mine. The look that said, "I have given every piece of myself away today. Will someone please just make supper?"

After supper, I stepped out for a brisk walk. Emphasis on the word, "brisk." Brrr! That north wind ripped through my jacket. Sort of hard to think clearly when you can't feel you fingers, nor your ears. So much for that!

The minute I stepped into the bathroom where daddy had the kids in the tub, Tucker started crying. I rescued him from evil daddy and tucked him into bed. There's really nothing like being needed by your kids, but some days...gheez.

The good news? I can admire my new floor while typing away about my day. Uh-oh, I see a crumb. Gotta run...


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