Turning a New Leaf

Welcome to the "Potted Goose!" I've created this blog as a way for myself - and my goslings - to bloom where we're planted. It seems as though in a few short years I've been swept into this delirious mommy life with little time to stop and gander about what's happening before my eyes. Quite simply, I've been needing a way to pause each evening to pull the weeds and marvel at my flowers. When "Mommy Bloggers" hit ABC News, I was inspired.

I'm living a classic mid-western life. My family and I live in rural Kansas - by choice. We love small communities, dirt roads, the rural lifestyle. I'd like to think I've taken my turn at experiencing the "bigger and better" world beyond my door; and I've made the decision to come home.

Besides rearing my own two children, I also provide childcare for some additional preschoolers in my community. Material for a mommy blog is abundant! Each day I have five to seven children in and out my door. I fill and refill half a dozen sippee cups, prepare lunch only to watch 4 year-olds push around their peas, change diapers, wipe runny noses, tie shoes, and dry tears.

So welcome to my (sometimes weedy, overgrown) garden of stories. If you look closely, you can see the flowers.


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