I don't have time to be sick!

The birthday flu woke me around 12:30 am last night. Our oldest daughter just celebrated her second birthday and came home with a flu bug from Grandma's house. She was so gracious to share the gift with her mommy! So after numerous subsequent pre-dawn trips to the bathroom and facing a house full of kids today, I'm left with little inspiration to blog.

Mostly, I'm left with a sudden urge to be in college again - to skip classes, crawl under the covers and ignore the world. There I could sleep the day away and wait for my roommate to come in and ask how I'm feeling. Instead, I chased around kids, fed the babies, tripped over toys and tried to keep down a few cheerios while my husband giggled at my discomfort. (Let me pause to say, "Thank you, dear, for coming home to cook lunch today!)

With that, I'm retiring early. Another "thank you, dear," to my husband for bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed. And unlike those college days, tonight I'll crawl under the covers knowing my world - err, my family - deserves my utmost attention.


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