Trimming the tree

Somewhere in the hullabaloo of the past six days, autumn and all its glory came to a close and the winter holiday season began. It happened so fast that I think I understand how my two year old feels. She's still singing "Happy Birthday" to herself; still saying "trick-or-treat." Meanwhile, we bundled her up this evening, rehearsed her on what to tell Santa she wants for Christmas, took her downtown and plopped her on Santa's lap. Her own look of bewilderment perfectly captured my feelings.

Nonetheless, I pitched my pumpkins and trimmed the Christmas tree trying to work myself into the holiday spirit.

Before I move forward too far, I want to pause and reflect on my family's Thanksgiving. Here are some highlights that come to mind...

~ We celebrated with my husband's family this year, and for the first time we didn't spend the day in a bar. For that, I'm thankful. (His family is so large that they have had to rent space at the Knights of Columbus Hall for holiday gatherings.)

~ Noah won the "paci battle."

~ Tucker ate his first sweet potatoes. How timely!

~ My husband and I did not argue the entire Thanksgiving day. Again, I'm thankful.

~ Besides spending four days away from home (at the in-laws), sleeping too little and eating too much, it was a pleasant Thanksgiving.

And one final I rushed to perfectly fluff the branches on my Christmas tree this afternoon and jitter with anxiety over the boxes of decorations yet to put out, I realized I do have something for which to be so thankful. I had one long, quiet hour today to do just that - to fluff my tree and agonize over where to put the nativity. I am so fortunate to be at home, to be with my children every day, to be wearing my tattered sweats, to be fretting over Christmas decorations. Oh how I'm thankful for this life...


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