I feel like an official blogger now. I had my first comment today. Thank you, "Urban Swan." (I'm curious as to how you find my site. I am still clumsy at figuring out this thing.)

Today was a record day in terms of the Kansas weather. The temperature fell something like 20 degrees in a matter of an hour. I, however, had a record day in terms of the number of gross issues I had to deal with. It all started at 5:55 am when my daughter announced to my from her bedroom that she was poopy.

From there, we got dressed and began making some oatmeal for breakfast before the rest of the daycare crew started to arrive. Apparently "paci withdrawl" is causing some regression in her potty training because she pottied twice and pooped her pants before 9:00 am.

The baby was up by 7:30 and woke up dirty. He was a fountain of breastfed baby poop for the rest of the day. And when a breastfed baby poops, it means not only are his clothes dirty, but so is the changing pad, your t-shirt and any toy or article of clothing within five feet.

(You can only imagine what the pile of dirty laundry on top of my washing machine looked like by bathtime this evening.)

And that was just my own children. The daycare kids were responsible for the following:

- 3 of the 5 kids have runny noses (nonstop, greenish, slimy runny noses)
- the other baby I watch had a poopy diaper mid-day
- administered a cream medicine for a yeast infection, and
- one of the boys puked up his oatmeal cookie at snack time

Some days the financial reward is little compensation for the yuckiness I put up with.

You know what would bring justification? Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs." Come on, Mike. I'll show you a whole new kind of dirty.


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