A very talented, and very special, someone shared this site with me today. It's a quick read - and an excellent synopsis of American farm policy. I highly recommend it!

We had another evening of gardening. Tucker's muddy adventures were cut short - he was cranky and started to run a fever. Noah, however, was still going strong at 8:00. Garden hose in hand, mud from head to toe, she was one busy little girl. A storm was blowing in, and we were all forced inside.

The real highlight of my day, though, came shortly after nap time. It typifies my life these days...

I awoke one of the daycare kids early from his nap- his cousins were picking him up early to go play at their house. Eager to begin the shuffling of kids out the door, I put his shoes on him and had him wait at the front door. I turned around to pick up his cap only to watch him stand right there and pee all over my floor.

You should know, I spent the past four days repainting the tile at my front door. Four days. Repainting tile. Two coats of primer. Two coats of paint. And a top coat of polyurethane. Four days. And just this morning, I removed my homemade barrier to the tile, unlocked the front door and let traffic commence on the newly painted tile.

And he peed all over it! I was without words. Exasperated. Sensing God laughing from above. Wanting to laugh, myself, and cry at the same time.

The good news? The paint job and the tile held up to the puddle. I mopped the puddle, disinfected, and got the kid some dry pants. And for goodness sakes, I sent him away with his cousins.


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