So long, Dorothy!

Our vacation is finally here!

Okay, my vacation. Brent has to attend a conference in San Antonio, and I just happen to be tagging along. I have three days of shopping, museums and day spas planned. And I'm just chomping at the bit, this evening. Mostly...

Why - in the middle of packing bags, washing fifteen loads of laundry and finding three pair of matching socks - does that bout of mommy guilt well up? Where does that come from? Doesn't my mind know that it needs a break from the day to day chaos? Doesn't my spirit feel the need to rejuvenate (with the help of a pedicure)? Doesn't my body yearn for (margaritas) relaxation?

So I'm stricken with mommy guilt, ridden with anxiety over everything I have yet to accomplish, and worried my parents will never want to see my children again at the end of this week. All that stirred together should make for some interesting dreams tonight...

Alas, I have things to figuring out how I'm going to fit seventy-three beauty products and medications into one cosmetic bag, selecting the perfect five pair of shoes to take on my four day trip, and saying the rosary while trying on my bathing suit for the first time in two years.

I will try to give an update from San Antonio, but I'm not sure we can fit a laptop in with my shoes.



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