Ahhhhh.....vacation. Let me take a moment from my Monday afternoon to tell you about my vacation. Because after the Monday morning I just had, that's all I want to think about.

We arrived to a warm and sunny San Antonio, leaving behind a cloudy and rainy Kansas. We stayed at the Emily Morgan hotel, which is just across the street from the Alamo. The accommodations were outstanding - complete with whirlpool tub and Aveda bath products. (Aveda just happens to be among my favorites.) What did we do first? Whirlpool tub, of course!
And we quickly followed that up with Margaritas! After all, we were on vacation. Okay, almost vacation. I was vacating; my husband was working.

I managed to fill the entire next day with shopping, a tour of the Alamo, and a pedicure at an excellent day spa. And, then what? Margaritas, of course! What did you expect?

That night, a few margaritas turned into a few more. And then a light supper and more margaritas. We (shamefully) checked out Coyote Ugly and spent most of the night in a piano bar. And just in case you've seen the movie, Coyote Ugly, the real bar is really not much different than the movie.

The next day, I tried to sleep in. I really, really tried. And by 7:15, I gave up and got the day started. (It's no wonder my kids are early birds.)

I checked out La Mercada (Market Square) - for some "local flavor." There were some really cool finds, that just wouldn't quite fit in my suitcase.

That afternoon, we went to Sea World. This was definitely not my choice. We had brought along six high school students (along with two additional adult chaperons) to attend the conference also. And since the students couldn't drink margaritas or go bar hopping, we thought it would be a good idea to take them to Sea World.

I don't like amusement parks. I especially don't like zoos. Therefore, I really didn't like Sea World. I gave this very high and very thrilling water ride a try - and I will never be trying it again. Something strange happened to my equilibrium after being pregnant. I can barely swing on our swing set...let alone free fall a hundred feet on some crazy water ride. We saw a few of the animals, and they were okay. I guess I would just rather see them in their natural habitat, you know?

On Friday, our final morning there, Brent and I walked up and down the Riverwalk. It's really beautiful...except for the places where the water seems stagnant. That's mostly next the bars - suppose that's any coincidence?

We loved all the vegetation, the lush, green and beautifully landscaped areas. We loved the culture, the food, the nightlife. And, we loved the chance to get away, together.


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