I admit, I need help

Daddy is away for work this week. It takes me about 48 hours of doing this all by myself, that I finally realize that I like having that guy around.

We make it through the mornings just fine. The kids watch some cartoons while I get dressed for the day. I would get up and get that done before they are awake, but when they are up by 6:00, I think cartoons are in order.

The two (and only two!!) daycare kids arrive and we proceed with our morning as usual. Play time, read stories and send the babies down for a nap.

The big girls color pictures or do puzzles while I finish up the breakfast dishes and figure out what we're having for lunch. Then it's more play time, and the babies wake up.

Here's the part where I start to miss Daddy.

Everyone is hungry. Really hungry. Lunch is almost ready, and two one-year-olds are pulling on my legs. When I ask the two-year-old girls to go find their cups for lunch, they proceed with chasing each other around the house.

With just a few tears and only some mild yelling, we sit down to lunch.

Then, everyone is ready to go outside and "run their sillies out." Again, I miss Daddy. I can't find four pair of shoes and four jackets fast enough. One heads out the front door, while I chase down a baby who escaped up the stairs. Just to corral them out the door takes enough energy to qualify as a 30 minute cardio workout.

Once out the door, we miss Daddy some more. The four children go in four different directions. One wants to look at the dog. Another heads for the sand box. Still another for the swing set. Wait. That's only three? Anybody seen number four?

30 minutes later we head inside. A few more tears and then everyone is down for a nap. Ahhh. Peace and quiet. I really don't miss Daddy right now. I sit down for a glass of tea and some HGTV.

The point is...seven kids, four kids, or just one. All mommies miss daddies. And kids miss their daddies even more. Here's to you mommies who swing it all alone. I don't know how you do it day in and day out. I'm simply trying to survive five days.

Daddy, it's true, we miss you. We hope you come home soon!


Sarah said…
Oh, I know all too well how you felt....my husband is a soccer coach and has to be gone alot. I hope your time flies by!
I do not know how single moms do it--they are definitely my heroes.
(And HGTV always helps me make it through too. :-)
Sarah said…
Oh, so true! I think just having another adult with me is what I start to long for around 3:00. Kudos to you for taking on Day Care kids. I can barely handle my own! :-)

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