The Annual Christmas Letter

I'm posting this year's Christmas letter. It's going out in the mail tomorrow. I like to take a more honest approach to this annual letter writing venture. Who needs to paint a rosy picture? This is a wonderful life!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Like most eager openers of Christmas cards,
I know you looked at the picture first. You wanted to catch a quick glimpse of the kids and then briefly skim the letter for a few highlights from our perfect and accomplished little family. I want you all to know that this year, the perfection stopped somewhere in the middle of my second pregnancy.

We switched gears from striving for perfection to simply maintaining. The vacations, promotions, achievements, and major purchases were put on hold. Indefinitely.

This year, we changed diapers, read stories, rocked babies, mended hurt fingers and broken hearts, played games, pushed strollers, tickled toes, played in mud puddles, chased a toddler and giggled with a baby.

I am doubtful we have really ever been the “perfect family Christmas letter” type. I suppose it was just the kind of year that made us thankful for all the things we don’t have and all that we didn’t accomplish.

Looking back at 2007, there were two significant highlights. First, Tucker Jacob arrived June 12. He is a mild and mellow change of pace from his eager big sister. At six months old, we love him for his slobbery, toothless smile, the way he giggles at his big sister, and for his laid-back attitude.

And secondly, Noah had her second birthday in November. She is reason to pause and catch your breath! She has taken well to the role of big sister, and cares for her own baby dolls lovingly every day.

All in all, we have come to define perfection in a whole new way: two happy (sleeping) babies; a cozy, warm home; a few toys and books and sippee cups to trip over; and each other.

Having a baby certainly changes your life. Having two children changes your perspective. How easy it is to let go of perfection when all you really need is your family near you at Christmas!

Wishing you and yours all the best…

Brent, Sarah, Noah & Tucker


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