Back home

We have returned home from a five day trek to my parent's house for Christmas. High speed internet has just recently reached their rural location. (Yes, there are still places like this in America.) So blogging away from home was not an option.

This holiday was wonderful in so many ways, but mostly it was special because it was warm and cozy. There was snow on the ground, but it was toasty indoors. (And there were so many great ideas for blogs yet to come!) My mom (and dad) worked hard to make a happy holiday home. We were all at home together - that was the best gift.

There will be more time tomorrow for some of the good stories from the holidays. Tonight, I'm going to break ground on our new addition so we have a place to put all these da*# toys!

While we tried our best to smile for a picture, my husband was foaming at the mouth at the thought of the Christmas buffet awaiting him in the kitchen.


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