Crazy hair!

I took my daughter to get her first real haircut tonight. I have trimmed her hair at the bathroom sink before, but I thought it was time for a real trim from a professional. Actually, I knew she would sit still for someone else. Whereas if I tried to trim her hair, she would have ended up looking like her bald little brother.

She did such an excellent job! She hasn't sat that still since the first time she had a lollipop. In fact, she was just an angel until she looked at the client in the chair next to her, pointed, and said, "Crazy hair, momma!"

This isn't as bad as it may seem. Let me explain.

This all happened because I read one of the "how to be a good parent" magazines. I read an article that had some fun things to do with a toddler. One idea suggested that while shampooing your child's hair you should make "crazy hair-do's" with your child's sudsy locks and let them see the "do" in a mirror. Like a sucker, I tried the tip out on my daughter. Of course, she loved it. We keep a mirror within arm's reach of the bathtub now just so she can look at her "crazy hair."

"And now you know the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would say.

The client as well as the stylist looked at bit insulted at my two-year-old's observation. I quickly smoothed the waters and told them about our bathtime crazy hair.

And in the end, mommy and daughter are trimmed and styled. The stylist even "fwipped" my daughter's hair. That means she curled it - in case you don't speak two-year-old. My dirt digging, sand in her ears, puddle jumping toddler may have just a touch of princess in her yet!


Anonymous said…
Pictures Mother Goose....Pictures would tell this story a thousand times over.
Anonymous said…
Good tip! I will try crazy hair in the bath tub:) Thanks! ....maybe the person requesting pics doesn't have children...and realize that is a tall takes too much time order? - Urban Swan

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