Reinventing the Potted Goose

I made a new year's resolution to do a better job of keeping my blog site up do date. Now that three month's have passed, I guess I'll get started!

Seriously, though, I have been feeling a big unsatisfied with my blog. It seems like my stories are not much different that those already told by other, more dedicated mommy bloggers. You know, the stories about Noah washing the bathroom mirror with Febreeze; Nell reaching for yuckies in the toilet and Tucker wearing the same basketball shorts day in and day out.

So, I'm launching a new project next week. In an effort to satisfy my craving to write, a need to satiate my interest in educating mommies about where their food comes from, and to involve my kids in some sort of an educational pursuit, I'm devoting 26 posts to the ABC's of Agvocacy. Stay tuned for more.

But for now, here's a glimpse at our life over the last several weeks.

Remember how I said "I don't do princess." Well, Noah does. And she does it quite well. She paraded around in this gid-up for days - her new Easter shoes, the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner, the vail from my bachellorette party and the tiara I wore as the Doniphan County Fair Princess. (No laughing. It was a really big deal - for about twenty minutes.)

The green rhetro chair makes this whole picture look rhetro. I actually took the photograph just a few days ago. The girls were doting their latest spring fashions, and I thought they were just as cute as bugs!

Ouch! Nell encountered her first significant boo-boo. She was trying to stand-up in the neighbor's drive way the way toddlers do - going to standing from a squating position. Her weight went too far forward and her head met the concrete before her hands.

And here's the boy - with his loot from the Easter Egg Hunt. Seems he has been left out in all this pretty girl business. No worries. He makes sure the family spends plenty of time building barns for the cows and playing basketball.

The crew following the Easter Egg Hunt. There was waaayyy too much excitement going on to pose for a picture.

"ECCO" ladies and I after we finished setting up for the Easter Egg Hunt just before hundreds of kids showed up to hunt goodies. These gals are a pleasure to work with - smart, capable, and fun to be with!

Oh yes, soccer. Noah's debut into the wide world of sports. Given her history of starring as the princess, cheerleader and damsel in distress, I was quite pleased with the level of execution at her inaugural game. Her little brother, however, thinks it just plain stinks that he has to endure two years of practice before he can enter the game.

For now, have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

And, come back next week for fun pictures and great information about the food you feed your family!


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