Earth Day Egg-stravaganza

Happy Earth Day! I know it may be hard to believe that a rural, conservative, meat-eating, Midwest mommy with agricultural roots is earth-conscious, but, we're trying to beat the stereotype around here. Thanks to two strong parental examples - my mom, a devoted recycler, and my dad, a conservation-minded agriculturalist - being earth friendly comes quite naturally.

I recycle everything my local recycling center will take. (I wash it, show the kids how to sort it into bins in the garage and then my husband lovingly hauls it to the center. Isn't he sweet?) We put all of our table scraps into a compost pile which we use to fill our flower pots in the springtime. I rewash plastic baggies (most of the time). And I recently gave up the Swiffer mopping pads in exchange for old towels cut to fit the mop.

Not trying to brag here; just want to make sure ya'all know that recycling and reusing are second nature to us "rural folks." It's simply doing the things our parents and grandparents have always done - live conservatively and be conscientious of your impact on Mother Nature.

Today, I took another step to "plant the seed" of this same lifestyle within my children. In honor of Earth Day, we started an herb garden from seed using recycled egg cartons and a re-used plastic flat from a greenhouse.

My mom - always one to suggest creative educational endeavors - thought we should create a worm farm for my kitchen. I opted for the herb garden. Worm farming was too much for even this farm girl.

The kids were helpful and enthusiastic about our endeavor today. They were messy, of course, but they were really excited about their project. Noah was even roaming about the yard afterwards signing a made-up song about Rosemary.

I hope you and your family found a special way to celebrate Earth Day, but more importantly, I hope you find ways to live your life each day cognizant about your impact on the Earth. Afterall, that's the way farmers, ranchers, and rural women spend every day.


Mike Matson said…
Celebrated Earth Day in Stafford County with some farmers passionate about their role as stewards of the planet. No one made up any songs about irrigated corn. But they shoulda.

Best to BG and the kids.

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