Lean in, turn it up

The girls and I piled into the front seat of my suburban a few days ago as we pulled across the farmyard to park in the garage.  But instead of taking a direct route, with Britta perched on my lap, Nell on the console and Noah riding shotgun, I decided to oh-so-slowly cruise a quarter-mile down our country road.

My choice broke every modern mommy safety rule.  But sometimes, you've just gotta break the rules.

I'm so glad I did.

We scouted our alfalfa field.   Looked over the neighbor's cattle.  Rolled the windows down.  And Nell leaned in to turn up the radio...

Out of gas, just my luck
Four bald tires on my pickup truck
No more credit, on my credit card

The lyrics take me back to a day I was the little girl ridin' in my daddy's pickup truck.

When I come home and hit that door
I remember what these aching arms are for
She's my one light when the world goes dark

My dad leaned in to turn it up and sing along.  No doubt we'd been working, but he always had a way to work in a little fun.

Tomorrow it's the same old grind
But she'll be burning in my mind

Our move to this little farm has washed me over with memories.  Driving the dirt roads, tromping through the creek, cleaning out a barn; it all takes me back.

She keeps the home fires burning
While I'm out earning a living in a world
That's known for its pouring rain

And it's made me realize that a farm isn't just a place I grew up; it's part of who I am.  These dirt roads and open spaces and cows and barns and field; they connect me to the hard-working farm men and women who make up my family's history.  And they keep me in constant Thanksgiving to our Creator.

She keeps the home fires burning
Ooh, and it's her warm loving
That keeps me returning again 

"Turn it up, Nell. We'll keep on drivin'..."


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