They just keep comin'...

The changes.  These changes just keep coming.

I dropped Tucker off on Tuesday for his first day of preschool.  He was all smiles.  And the report on the way home: "The work wasn't that hard, Momma."

 By Thursday, he was eager to go back.  As we approached the drop off, I saw all the other parents walking their children to the door, holding their hand.

Okay, we can do that, too.

From the backseat I hear , "Momma, can I walk up there by myself?"

"Sure, buddy!"

He grabbed his backpack, jumped out, and smiled and ran all the way to the front door.  In a way, it was more emotional than walking him to the door holding his hand.  And it was complete reassurance that waiting a year to send my summer-birthday-boy to school was the absolute right thing to do.

These moments of change are happening every day around here...


Wednesday evening, in celebration of a much needed relief from the summer's heat, we took bikes to the church parking lot.  Noah scored a big-girl bike this summer.  Her old training wheels don't touch the ground.  So, it was time to really ride that bike.

I expected that after a long day at school, her endurance for bike riding would be short-lived.

Wouldn't ya know, that little gal proved me wrong!  She was wobbly and wiggly, oh sure.  And she took plenty of spills.  But she jumped right up and persevered.

"I've almost got it, Mom!" she'd yell from across the parking lot.  Sure enough, after a bit of support from Dad, she was riding the length of the parking lot.  (And then crashing clumsily and getting up to do it again.)

We returned the next night for another go-round.  That little gal could make it two complete laps around the parking lot.  (Before crashing clumsily and getting up to do it again.)

 Like I said, these changes are happening fast.  Daily, in fact.


And while it's sad to watch them take these first steps from the nest, how beautiful and rewarding it is to watch them begin to fly.


tera rooney said…
Your kids are so cute and growing so fast! You made the best decision of Tucker's life to hold him back. My mom is a big proponent of saving summer babies. She has a lot of good reasons why and now you are seeing some of them. Have a fun year Tucker and Noah!!!

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