An angel for heaven

The world lost a phenomenal woman this week. Dr. Ginger Senseman, my family's pediatrician, lost her battle with breast cancer. She is among the angels of heaven now.

And while my sorrow is but a mere tear drop of the grief experienced by her husband and two young boys, there are so many mothers out there right now feeling like they lost more than just their pediatrican. They lost the best doctor they may ever know to care for their children.

I will never forget the day Dr. Senseman met my first born daughter, Noah Grace. She walked into my hospital room during her morning rounds, and exclaimed, "Your daughter is just beautiful. She has the prettiest pink skin I have ever seen."

Perhaps she tells every first-time mother the same thing, but I don't care. The way she said it; the joy in her eyes; the compassion she expressed for Noah. That moment will carry with me forever.

And from that day on, I (secretly) loved going for doctor visits. My kids have never been critically ill, so I can't say that she saved their lives. But I can say she helped us to be a healthier, smarter family. And she helped me to be a confident mommy.

The world lost a phenomenal woman this week. And heaven gained an exceptional angel. Please watch over us from above, Dr. Senseman. Thank you for being a part of our lives.


Sarah said…
Amen! She was great...very supportive and always genuinely interested.

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