The bug theme continues.

Let me update you on the status of Emily Elizabeth. She laid another egg sac! Our friendly neighbors say they are donating this sac to our house. It would fit right in with all the other buggy bugs living with us.

First, it was the flies in the kitchen. A normal part of fall - a few flies looking for a warm place to hang out until they go to fly heaven. I can handle a few flies.

Then, came the fruit flies. I think they "snuck across the border" on a some pears we purchased at the grocery store. I eliminated all fruit from the counters. Cleaned, cloroxed, went above and beyond to keep up with the dirty dishes. And. they. are. still. here.

But the final blow came just last night. Brent was playing in the living room with the kids when he noticed something unusal crawling in a tall glass vase filled with acorns the kids and I collected on a walk. Worms. Or grubs. Or something small, white and wiggling all over the vase and our treasured acorns. We crossed over into the "totally disgusting" category.

Flies, fruit flies, worms, and the anticipation of thousands of baby spiders come spring...this is one exciting place to live.


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