Lately, I haven't agreed with Oprah on much of anything. Her glamorous, TV, urban Chicago lifestyle seems waaay out of touch with my middle-of-Kansas-stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. I even dropped my "O" magazine subscription. I just couldn't connect anymore.

But sometime last week, as I was feeding the baby and flipping through the channels, she caught my attention. She had devoted a show to mothers and had this to say,

"We hear from mothers all the time who say they feel alone. They feel overwhelmed; they feel sometimes inadequate. And you say you're afraid to admit the truth for fear of being judged."

I watched the rest of the show in (almost) total agreement.

I feel totally overwhelmed and quite inadequate - and I don't want to admit that. That's why I have been avoiding the Potted Goose. I don't want to face this honesty - face the feelings I have that I am not giving my best to my children and that my life seems to spin out of control any number of days of the week.

But watching the show made me realize that I am doing myself - and all moms out there who used to visit the Potted Goose - a serious injustice. I created this website as a means to connect with other moms, and as a means of self-therapy. You know that "I can laugh about it now" feeling that comes hours after your one year old threw a tantrum on the kitchen floor because you wouldn't let him have Easter candy at 8:05 in the morning.

So, I am really going to try to keep the Potted Goose up to date. Really. I mean it this time.

I guess Oprah still does have that inspirational thing going for her.

(The fam on Easter morning. We only made it to church on time thanks to the extra help from my mom and my two sisters.)


Emily&Justin said…
I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I really enjoy reading your posts and have missed you! I'm going to do a better job myself on blogging - thinking about creating one for myself. Something about the quest to have it all - great worker, great mom, great wife. Hoping to have some time to think about it while I'm on maternity leave this summer.
Sarah said…
You are right--that is why we all read blogs. Because we like to know that other moms have problems or funny moments or good ideas or whatever. And when I get frustrated reading about "super moms" who never seem to have my problems, I just stop reading their blogs. :-) lol

So keep blogging....and know that even if Oprah doesn't understand, many many moms out there do!
Michelle said…
I enjoyed reading your post ;-) I too don't usually watch Oprah unless it's very exciting.I do feel overwhemed and always on the go..
Tink412 said…
Hi, I'm happy to say that I found your blog & truly love all that I've read so far....even your take on Oprah!I was born the same year as Oprah & although our lives have surely taken a different road....I too thought I would marry Paul McCartney as a girl! I have not agreed with a lot she's had to say lately, but I also don't aggree with ALL that a lot of close friends have to say either.I do know this, I was single Mom who raised my 3 precious sons all my myself & I sure wish she had been around back then to help me to not feel sooo badly about the feelings I had! I now have Grandchildren who I thank God will have an open & honest look on life & I sure do hope to be apart of that part of their lives.I give you a lot of credit on seeing this & passing it along.NOW how did you feel about the "sex talk " with the 10 yr. old girl Oprah had on? On my goodness, I just don't quite know about that......but I'm probably wrong on that respect too........Thanks for a great thought provoking moment...or should I say "an AHA moment"!?

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