Substance behind the inspiration

Let me follow up my story of inspiration with some substance.

I am supporting the McCain / Palin ticket, but not simply because an Alaskan hockey mom happens to be the VP candidate. I also happen to agree with their stance on the issues.

If you want to talk policy details and specifics, this isn't the place. I have a general knowledge of most issues, but I tend to get bored with the tidy details. Especially when it comes to policy. (Seriously, have you ever read a piece of legislation? Zzzzzzzzzz...)

I grew up in a family that spent our time at church, on the farm, and at sporting events. My political beliefs derive from those experiences.

I support plans to explore and drill for oil and natural gas. I believe the technology exists today to do this exercising great care for our natural world, a world I care deeply about.

I support agricultural policies that eliminate barriers to trade, reduce regulations, and allow food producers to grow products for a global consumer.

I support efforts to encourage young people to return to their rural roots. I believe providing incentives for our best and brightest to return home, and ensuring a strong education, health care system and culture of entrepreneurs in our rural communities will help our hometown's to be prosperous long into the future.

I support a strong national defense, and I am looking for a leader whom I can trust with my children's safety and security. I believe there are too many evils and too much hatred directed at our country to simply stand aside.

I believe in the power of a free market economy. I understand there are problems with our healthcare system. Yet, with rewards for wellness and prevention, I think our current system can be improved. Furthermore, I don't think it's fair that those without health insurance can receive the same care that I receive.

I support an education system that sets standards for achievement and holds schools accountable. I hope to see the best teachers rewarded, and I hope to see more incentives for teachers to get the training they need. (Oh, and could we encourage some of those great teachers to work in our rural districts, too?) And, I don't plan to pay for your children to go to college. I am just hoping I can pay for mine to make it through a semester. Afterall, what's the value in an education when you didn't have to earn it?

I support a child's right to life.

I support my husband's right to bear arms. (I am NOT a hunter. I used to show livestock, and that's about as wild as I like to get.)

And I, though a conservative Christian, have always thought myself to be concerned for women's rights. I simply cannot understand why anyone would think Sarah Palin is a step backwards for women.

I see a woman who has made a million steps forward on behalf of all women; all the while cherishing the role of wife and mother, balancing family and career, and seeking ways to serve something bigger than herself.

So, that's the substance behind the inspiration. I am not looking for a heated, political debate. I just want you to know that I'm not all lipstick.


Sarah said…
Amen, sister! I was thinking of writing a political post about Palin and my support of her and McCain but I knew I could not do it justice. I think you have.....perhaps I will just link to your post and call it good. :-)
I am excited to see what they can do for our country, if they are elected!
Sarah said…
Good Post:) I agree.

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