Have you ever found yourself arguing with a two-year-old? I have. All too often lately. It's futile. Infuriating. Exhausting.

And so I ordered this book a few weeks ago online.

Because my daughter didn't come with an owner's manual. Because she leaves me perplexed. Baffled. Fearful that I am creating a spit fire, unruly child.

I have just started the book, and already I feel more composed during the day when I see she has found my brand new, expensive nail polish and commenced to painting her leg, her new shirt, and the couch.

According to the author, you cannot determine your child's "love language" until they are the age of five. I disagree, and I am taking his advice and applying to my young children. Seems to me so much of their personality is already in place. Why wait until they are five to figure out how to best understand and communicate with them?

If you are reading or have read this book, I would love to hear your reaction.

Until then, I am going to keep reading and I am going to keep (well, I am really, really going to try) my composure as my two-year-old tornado rips through my house every day.


Adrian said…
I haven't tried that one, but I did try the Strong Willed Child, even though my children aren't overly strong willed. I got some good ideas out of it. Two is a tough age, but I think it's a good time to start setting reasonable boundaries and teaching her that she is not the one in charge.

We had a kid at my son's birthday who could have used a lesson like that. He was a complete brat to us and to the other kids. At eight, kids usually behave better than that. The other boys would have voted him off the island if they could have. It's a shame because his mother is the most wonderful person, but I guess she doesn't know much about child raising.

My daughter-in-law does a lot of homeschooling with my grandkids and they are amazingly well behaved. I think having creative and positive things to do helps them to not be bored and distracted.

Hope that helps!
Staci said…
Sarah -

I so enjoy reading your blog, I can keep up with your life...long distance.

I also have this book in my to read pile, as I would like a little direction with my own "very active 3 year old" Carley.

I am currently reading Dr. Chapmans other book "The Five Love Languages - Spouce edition" I would also higly recommend it as a good read.

Take care of yourself and those babies.
- Staci

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